Better than Before

Better than Before

Better than Before

Decide Not to Decide


The Fateful Tendencies We Bring into the World

Different Solutions for Different People

Pillars of Habits

We Manage What We Monitor

First Things First

If It's on the Calendar, It Happens

Someone's Watching

The Best Time to Begin

It's Enough to Begin

Temporary Becomes Permanent

Data Point of One

Desire, Ease, and Excuses

Free from French Fries

It's Hard to Make Things Easier

Change My Surroundings, Not Myself

A Stumble May Prevent a Fall

Nothing Stays in Vegas

Wait Fifteen Minutes

No Finish Line

Just Because

Sitting Is the New Smoking

Unique, Just Like Everyone Else

Choose My Bale of Hay

I'm the Fussy One

Not Everyone is Like Me

Everyday Life in Utopia