Restoring Prana

Restoring Prana

We take over 24 000 breaths and exchange over 10 000 gallons of air in our lungs every day of our lives.

With these kinds of figures, it's easy to see how breathing plays a significant role in our daily life and our practice of yoga.


Sankrit "pra" ... spiritual energy that descends from above

"Na"... eternal divine vibration within us, which allows us to evolve spiritually

"Ya"... ability to harness, build upon, and put into action this spiritual force

"ma"... mother principle of the universe and our ability to modulate this energy through the breath

"Yama"... something that is moving

"ayama"... extending, lengthening, and ascending

"Prana"... animating principles behind all of life,

"prana"... life-force that infuses our body with life

... To be living in, as, and nurtured by the life-force energy that has given rise to the entire universe.

Pranayama infuses our body and mind, with prana which flows through us with each breath we take.

Prana represents the life-force that gives birth to and sustains life and ayama is the way we learn how to experience and extend this energy within our body, throughout our daily life, by learning to work consciously with the breath.