The Power of Now

The Power of Now


Chapter 1

You are not Your Mind

  • we spend our time regretting the past or worrying about the future
  • we should be focussed on NOW - the only moment that ever is
  • thinking about the past and the future is only using the mind
  • dis-identify from the thinking mind
  • you are the observer of your thoughts

Chapter 2

Consciousness: The Way out of Pain

Anxiety gap - when your body is in the present moment but your mind is not

mind is projected in some future or past moment that doesn't really exist

The pain body - the accumulation of the pain and mental suffering that we have built up over our entire lives

problem is, when you identify with that

the pain becomes a part of your identity

you don't want to let got of that pain because it would mean to let go of a part of your identity

don't identify with your opinion so that you can be okay with being wrong

Chapter 3

Moving Deeply into the Now

The past and future are like the moon, they have no true light, but only reflect the light of the sun, or the now.

  • if you are experiencing unease, anxiety, tension, stress or worry, you are thinking too much about the future
  • if you are experiencing guilt, resentment, regret, grieve, sadness, bitterness or non-forgiveness, you are living too much in the past
You no longer depend on the future for fulfilment and satisfaction, you don't look to it for salvation. Therefore you are not attached to the results. Neither failure nor success has the power to change your inner state of being. You have found the life underneath your life-situation.

Life-situation is all the stuff you have going on around you. Your job, your family, the house you have, your political opinions,...

Your life is your true being in the present. Whenever you are here and now, feeling the aliveness in your body.

When your deeper sense of self is derived from being, when you are free of becoming as a psychological need, neither your happiness nor your sense of self depends on the outcome and there is freedom from fear.

Chapter 4

Mind Strategies for avoiding the Now

Ordinary Unconsciousness

It's like the sound of an air conditioner and you never notice it until it stops.

Deep Unconsciousness

Acute pain, when things really go wrong.

  • don't complain
  • leave the situation or accept it
  • all else is madness!

Inner Purpose

Realise it first.

Outer Purpose

The outer purpose becomes a game you play. Don't try to find fulfilment from the outer purpose.

Chapter 5

The State of Presence

You cannot understand presence mentally. You have to feel and experience it.

The opposite of being present is to identify with your egoic mind.

Not being present is the start of all major world problems, like wars and genocide. If we were truly present and loving in the now, nothing like this would happen.

Finding Presence to listen to the Stillness between the sounds.

Chapter 6

The Inner Body

the illusion of the self is that you are nothing more than your physical body

Don't identify with your mind and your body but also don't deny them either. Transformation happens through the body by focussing on your breathing and feeling the life inside you.

You can build up your psychic immune system, operating at a higher vibrational frequency, so lower vibrations like fear and anger don't affect you as much. Flood your body with consciousness, as a form of meditation. Focus on feeling the life inside you, body part by body part.

Chapter 7

Portals into the unmanifested

Just as sound cannot exist without silence, objects cannot exist without empty space. Pay attention to the nothingness around you and the silence of the sounds. The inner version of silence or empty space is the consciousness that enables your mind objects to be just as space allows all things to be.

You are the blank canvas through wich thoughts come and go. This picture makes it way easier to dis-identify from that thought.

Too many people solely identify through their physical and psychological images of self, which are unstable and temporary causing them to live in fear. Anything real is unaffected by any external event.

We have this false sense of self, that is based on outer things, which are all impermanent. But if there was no illusion, there were no enlightenment.

Chapter 8

Enlightened Relationships

True love has no opposite, in the form of attacks or emotional violence. Deriving your sense of self from the other person can be quite problematic.

It can be difficult for a "normal" person to live with a fully present person, because the ego feeds on problems, meaning that the peaceful person is a threat. Just as darkness can not survive near the light, the ego cannot live near the present.

However, the enlightened person learns to stop judging, criticising and trying to change the other person and they will disrupt endless debates that will never lead to a productive outcome.

Give up the relationship with yourself in order to become enlightened. You don't love or hate yourself, you just are yourself.

Chapter 9

Beyond Happiness and Unhappiness There Is Peace

It is what it is: Neither good nor bad.

You can't be happy, when a loved one dies, but you can be at peace by not resisting it and instead accepting it for what it is.

You should be like a deep lake. The surface of the lake is your life-situation, which is sometimes calm, sometimes rough and affected by the environment. Deep down the lake is always undisturbed.

Being enlightened changes the world, because any unenlightened behaviours that happen around you and you are not reactivating to, you are breaking the karmic cycle of action and reaction. You become "the light of the world".

Chapter 10

The Meaning of Surrender

Going with the flow of life and not resisting it.

It may be that planning is the one thing that you can do NOW.

The problem comes when you overthink and make up these stories about what could be.

Change what you can control and accept what you can.

If you can keep yourself at a higher vibration, you will attract more of the similar energy into your presence.

The only appropriate response to other people and their behaviour is compassion. We need to be aware that all of us are unenlightened in some sense or another and we need to have compassion for one another.